Covid Recovery Pack

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Introducing our new Covid Recovery Pack!

With the increasing amount of cases, we have created a covid recovery pack to save you the time and stress of going out to chemists or groceries stores to get all your essential vitamins to help if you are suffering from covid, want to be prepared, or know someone who is in isolation that would love a little pick me up gift package. 

With our little recovery pack we have included the 3 most essential vitamins for immune defence - Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc. We have included our ice packs to help cool you down if you are suffering from any fevers or sweating. Vicks and fess to help with congestion in the nose. Hydralyte to ensure you are staying hydrated through this and throat lozenges to help ease any discomfort you have in your throat.

In this pack you will receive the following:

2 x Relax and Recover Ice Packs

1 x Vitamin C tablets

1 x Vitamin D tablets

1 x Zinc Tablets

1 x Fess Saline Spray

1 x Hydralyte Tablets

1 x Vicks Inhaler

1 x Throat lozenges 

Product brands may vary from picture dependent on availability with our suppliers.

The price includes free shipping as per all our recovery packs.