Liposuction Recovery Pack – Relax and Recover

Liposuction Recovery Pack

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Product Description

Our Liposuction Recovery Pack has been created with some of Australian's Top Plastic Surgeons to ensure you have only the best and essential items you need to help you recover.

What's Included;
2 x Relax and Recover Ice Packs with soft washable covers
1 x V Shape Pillow
1 x V Shape Pillow Case
1 x Relax and Recover Neck Pillow
1 x Vitamin E Cream
6 x Movicol Sachets
 1 x Paw Paw Ointment
 1 x Palmers Tummy Butter
1 x Body Wipes
1 x Medicated Soap
1 x Epsom Salts
1 x Arnica Cream
1 x Arnica Tablets
1 x Plastic Sheet
5 x Absorbent Pads
1 x Sudocream


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