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Mum & Postpartum Recovery Care Products and Recovery Packs

Postpartum or the ‘fourth trimester’ is the period after pregnancy and after you give birth. Each individual’s recovery item can differ and there is certain no race or competition. Postpartum is a rollercoaster of things, emotionally, physically and mentally. This is why it is so important to have your support system around you and also be as prepared for post birth as you can. And we are here to help with that.

Postpartum recovery needs more attention and awareness around it. As it is super important for a new mum to prioritise her recovery. It may seem hard or even impossible as you are venturing through this new phase of your life of motherhood.

We have put together postpartum recovery packs with all the essential postpartum items you are going to need in those first few months after birth and even during pregnancy. Our products such as a breast ice & heat packs, cooling padiscles, peri bottle and neck pillow have been identified as ‘life savers’. These are just few of the items we include in our Ultimate Post Birth Recovery Pack.

Our recovery packs also make such beautiful baby shower gifts for an expecting mother. It is nice to shower the mum with some love for herself as many people will buy for the baby. Showing up to a baby shower with one of our Post Birth Recovery Packs will sure to turn a few heads, a lot of ‘WOW’s and be the conversation of the party.

You can choose from recovery packs, our care for down there bundle or buy the items individually. We also do customise recovery packs, so be sure to email or direct message us on Instagram and we will be more than happy to help out. All of our items are postpartum essentials that every mum will love. 

Ultimate Post Birth Recovery Pack

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Care for Down There Bundle

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Comfort Recovery Pack


Peri Bottle


Silk Satin V Shape Pillow Case