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Recovery Care Packs to take away your stress and make your experience as comfortable as possible.


Molly Moyies

Highly recommend Relax and Recover packs! Fast delivery just in time for my surgery (breast aug). The packs have such great items from heat packs, cold packs to hair masks and face masks and even pillows and foot stools. Now I don’t need to stress about what to buy for my recovery because Relax and Recover has me sorted.

Kristen Georgiou-Flex

Relax and Recover are amazing in every way! I felt so well looked after from the time I placed my order, to the time I was being driven home from my surgery knowing that my ice packs and pillows were waiting for me. I have used absolutely everything in my recovery kit!! It took all the stress out of preparing for surgery and knowing what to buy in advance. I'd recommend them to anyone considering surgery, pregnant, or suffering from PCOS or endo. XXX

Mary Leigh

Best products ever to help with recovery. I just had a breast augmentation yesterday and I’ve been attached to my neck pillow ever since. It’s the perfect level of firmness to support your neck which makes sleeping so much more comfortable and the ice packs have been helping relieve the swelling so much. Would 100% recommend to anyone undergoing surgery!

Tegan Chapman

Amazing, affordable products and service! I ordered the ice packs a week after surgery (breast aug) and still find them useful to this day as ice packs and heat packs. Would highly recommend!

Jessica Everingham

I just came out of surgery yesterday and your ice packs and neck pillow have been lifesaving!!! The most amazing people in this company and products! Thank you so much!

Brittany Kaylea

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for creating the custom pack for me. Honestly it was the biggest lifesaver through my recovery. The ice packs and neck pillow were my favourite I didn’t take the pillow off and the ice packs helped reduced my swelling within days. I will 100% be recommending you to anyone who is going to under go any surgery. Thank you again!

Jess Pavlidis

The neck pillow is so comfy after having my breast augmentation yesterday. The ice packs are so soothing, I love them! The best Luxe Recovery ever!

Endo Recovery

Our Endo Recovery pack was put together with real women who have suffered from Endometriosis. We know how painful it can feel and we have put together some of the best items to help you get through your surgeries relating to Endo or these items can come in handy on a day to day basis.

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Platinum Recovery

Our Platinum Recovery Pack is our most popular pack and you can see why! It has absolutely everything you need to help you recovery from any type of surgery! It is the mother of all packs and you can’t go wrong getting one of these!

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Period Recovery

We know, first hand from experience, that 'that time of the month' can be a painful experience and something to not look forward to. It can be the perfect gift you give your daughter for her first one to help her understand and what to expect especially from a Dad who transitioning into this new stage of life with their daughter. It can be a daunting experience and our recovery pack was designed to help this!

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Rhinoplasty Recovery Pack

Our Rhinoplasty Recovery Pack has been created with some of Australian's Top ENT Plastic Surgeons to ensure you have only the best and essential items you need to help you recover form a nose job.

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The Stella
Recovery Pack

Here at Relax and Recover we do not single out or focus on just plastic surgery. We are all about helping people with different kinds of recoveries and one of those being an En Bloc or Capsulectomy Procedure or Explant Surgery or even a Mastectomy.

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Recovery Pack

Our Diamond Recovery Pack is the perfect gift idea for a special friend or family member who is about to undergo plastic surgery or even the ultimate gift to treat yourself.

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The Essentials
Recovery Pack

Our Essentials Recovery Pack is the perfect gift idea for a special friend or family member who is about to undergo plastic surgery or even the ultimate gift to treat yourself.

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