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Patient Assistance – First Day/Night

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The team at Relax and Recover have created a patient assistance service for patients travelling on their own to and from the hospital for their surgery. It is required that someone who is capable of looking after you after your surgery is there once you have been officially discharged by hospital. If you need a little extra assistance for a little longer, than this service is perfect for you.

Your first night of recovery is the most important one. After surgery, there is no telling how you are going to feel as everyone reacts and recovers differently. You are going to experience a different sort pain and emotion especially on your first day and night. It is always settling and comforting knowing you will have access to a friendly and caring registered nurse. 

Our service that we provide comes from a registered nurse who is experienced and understands your needsAfter you have been officially discharged, your Relax and Recover nurse will ensure you are transported back to your accommodation, whether that be your home or hotel by their private and comfortable transport. We will ensure you are completely set up once we arrive to your home or hotel. 

The Overnight Stay is purchased for the time period from your discharge from the hospital until 11am the next day. During this time, our caring nurse can complete any requests you have from them. This includes any takeaway meal orders you may want, changing your sheets, washing and laundry duties, any cleaning required, a grocery shop and/or a chemist run to collect your prescription medication given to you from the hospital. Please note any miscellaneous fees and charges such as carparking, food or pharmaceutical costs will all be paid by the patient/customer and Relax and Recover are not liable for these costs. 

If you require additional time after the 24 hour period, it is possible to purchase additional time which is charged at a rate of $115 per hour. You are able to purchase this time prior to your surgery date, or if required on the day, Relax and Recover will simply invoice you after the service has been provided. Please note: that if additional time is required on the day, as this is first full day service the hourly rate will be increased to $150 per hour. 

Please note the patient assistance team at Relax and Recover are Registered Nurses. They will not instruct or advise on your prescription medication as this will come from your surgeon.