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PCOS Recovery Pack

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Product Description

Our PCOS Recovery Pack is the complete and perfect gift idea for a special friend or family member who suffers from PCOS, just recently diagnosed or even the ultimate gift to treat yourself. This pack has all the essentials plus some amazing pamper items and necessities you need for dealing with PCOS. These beautifully crafted care packages all come in a small Relax and Recover box elegantly finished with a white ribbon and magnetic close.

This box is especially close and meaningful to Relax and Recover as our owner Jenny was diagnosed with PCOS over a year ago. Since then it has been a really rough ride for her and she wants to extend her recovery packs to help out other women in need who are suffering from PCOS and other Women's health issues. Each box has been carefully created by Jenny and has been developed from her own experiences. We have collected only the best products to ensure all our customers recover to the best of their ability and enjoy every little thing from our packs. 

In this PCOS Recovery Pack you will receive the following items:

1 x Wheat Pack

Our Wheat Packs are perfect for those excruciating stomach pains and cramps we all suffer from. There's no amount of panadol that can completely stop this pain but our Wheat Packs definitely help. All of our Wheat Packs are scented with calming Lavender and are also have the ability to be frozen. 

2 x Breast Ice/Heat Packs with soft washable covers or 2 x Long Blue Ice/Heat Packs

Our breast ice and heat packs are essential for those moments during and just before our periods. Some ladies experience very tender and sore breasts during this time of their cycle and our ice and heat packs help with relieving this pain. They come with soft washable covers which help with sitting directly on the skin. 

Our long blue ice and heat packs are perfect for stomach cramps as they fit nicely across our belly's.

6 x Movicol Laxative Sachets

Another potential side effect of PCOS is constipation. We have included 6 Movicol laxative sachets to help relieve any discomfort you may be having from this.  

1 x  1 x Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel Mask 30g

1 x Body Blendz Face and Body Coffee Shimmer Scrub

Show your skin some love with the Body Blendz revolutionary Coffee Shimmer Scrub! This potent formula contains ground Arabica coffee beans, activated charcoal and sugar, which detoxify and exfoliate the epidermis, while mica minerals will have your body shimmering in all the right places and leave a long-lasting shine.

With natural, hard-working ingredients – such as green tea, vitamin E and essential oils – it leaves skin feeling nourished and deeply hydrated. Your sparkling new addition to your bathroom is suitable for all skin types, so no bod will be left looking dull. Plus, it’s 100% cruelty-free and vegan!