Period Recovery Pack

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Product Description

Introducing our new Period Recovery Pack!

We know, first hand from experience, that 'that time of the month' can be a painful experience and something to not look forward to. It can be the perfect gift you give your daughter for her first one to help her understand and what to expect especially from a  Dad who transitioning into this new stage of life with their daughter. It can be a daunting experience and our recovery pack was designed to help this!

With our little recovery pack it can help ease those stomach cramps with our beautiful, calming wheatpack. It is big enough to wrap around yourself.  Our blue icepacks which come with soft washable covers are also perfect for those cramps. These act as as heat packs too. The body scrub included is a little something to help with the self care during this time and make you feel good.

We have included both tampons and pads to have your own choice. If you prefer one over the other leave a message in the notes and we are happy to accommodate.