The Diamond Recovery Pack – Relax and Recover

The Diamond Recovery Pack

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Product Description

The Diamond Recovery Pack is perfect for those recovering from Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Revision, Breast Reconstruction, Tummy Tuck and Explant Surgery.

In this Diamond Recovery Pack you will receive the following items:

4 x Breast Ice Packs with soft washable covers.

1 x V Shape Pillow

1 x V Shape Pillow Silk Satin Case

1 x Relax and Recover Travel Neck Pillow

1 x Vitamin E Cream

1 x Batiste Dry Shampoo

1 x Ocean Healthcare Body Wipes

6 x Movicol Laxative Sachets

1 x Body Blendz Australian Pink Clay Face and Chest Mask

1 x Hair Treatment

1 x Medicated Soap

1 x Palmers Tummy Butter

1 x Body Blendz Face and Body Coffee Shimmer Scrub

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More details about our products;

Breast Ice & Heat Packs - The breast packs are specifically designed to help relief from soreness associated with swelling from your breast surgery. They come with washable covers for continued use throughout your recovery.

Freezing the breast packs is the best solution for after breast surgery. If you are having fat grafting we recommend not icing this area, however you can ice around the area and from the section fat was harvested from.

V Shape Pillow and Pillow Case – Perfect for propping yourself up whilst resting and sleeping. It is recommended to sleep upright after breast surgery in accordance with your surgeons instructions. A perfect case to protect your new v shape pillow.

Neck Pillow - This will be your best friend and will help you sleep. It will ensure your neck doesn't get sore whilst being upright.

Vitamin E Cream - It will add moisture and elasticity to your skin and help you prevent or diminish stretch marks. It is also great for your scars after they have healed.

Dry Shampoo - As you won't be able to shower for the first couple of days, this comes in handy to keep your hair clean.

Movicol Sachets - As you may experience some type of constipation after surgery due to the anaesthetic and pain medication, these will help ease that. 

Body Wipes - Not being able to shower for the first couple of days these will help you stay clean and they can also be heated in the microwave too for your comfort.

Face Mask - Your skin may become dry and this face mask will hydrate it. It is also a nice little pamper item.

Hair Mask - Get your hair prep for surgery and not being able to wash it for a while. This will make it feel smooth and great.

Medicated Soap - To use prior and after surgery. It has an antibacterial effect.

Body Scrub - A pamper item to make you feel fresh before and after surgery. It helps with dry skin that you may experience after surgery.

Tummy Butter - Recommended for stretch marks if your skin stretches after surgery. The addition of Lavender makes TummyButter® a relaxing night-time treatment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dahli Woosnam
This pack should be mandatory with all breast surgeries

I purchased a recovery pack for a breast augmentation and mastopexy recently and honestly could not have got through my recovery with out this incredible pack and products. The circular breast heat and ice packs were life savers and helped immensely with the pain, the bed bath wipes were fantastic for the first week when I couldn’t shower, the neck pillow helped me sleep comfortably and the boomerang pillow was fantastic to pop under my bottom to relieve the pain and pressure of having to sleep upright for so long. There are so many other products and goodies in there to make you feel fresh and assist in your recovery, like medicated soap, dry shampoo (heaven I didn’t even think of this as you can’t wash your hair for ages!) face mask, scaring cream, medicated soap etc! This pack should be mandatory with all breast surgeries as I wouldn’t have known or been able to access any of these products when I needed them post surgery. They also went above and beyond with extra tips and tricks to help with my recovery and I even asked a few questions late at night over Instagram when I couldn’t contact my surgeon, it is a full 360 degree service and I am SO happy I found relax and recover prior to my surgery. I will absolutely be recommending their services and packs to all my friends and family for the future! Thank you again!

Hailee Stokes
The BEST pack you can get!

I had my first surgery a few years ago now and this pack was an actual lifesaver. You don't know that you will need everything in here until you are recovering. I had another surgery a couple of weeks ago and there was no way I wouldn't do it again with this stuff. Love this company. Highly recommend and I shared it on all of my social media I loved it that much.

Claire Savage
Best Gift!

WOW! I received this gift from my favourite people and it was beyond amazing!
I couldn't believe everything that was included. I used all of it and it all helped me for my surgery.

Angelaa Kalaitzakis
I am absolutely in love with my recovery pack!

I am absolutely in love with my recovery pack 😍

Kristen Flex

Relax and Recover are amazing in every way! Aside from the products themselves which are 10/10, the customer service is by far the best I've come across from an online store. I felt so well looked after from the time I placed my order, to the time I was being driven home from my surgery knowing that my ice packs and pillows were waiting for me 💕 I have used absolutely everything in my recovery kit!! It took all the stress out of preparing for surgery and knowing what to buy in advance. I'd recommend them to anyone considering surgery, pregnant, or suffering from PCOS or endo.