The Luxe Recovery Pack

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Our Luxe Recovery Pack is the perfect gift idea for a special friend or family member who is about to undergo plastic surgery or even the ultimate gift to treat yourself. This pack has all the essentials plus some amazing pamper items you need for recovering from surgery. These beautifully crafted care packages all come in a large Relax and Recover box elegantly finished with a white ribbon and magnetic close.

Each box has been carefully created by plastic surgery patients and has been developed from their own experiences. We have collected only the best products to ensure all our customers recovery to the best of their ability and enjoy every little thing from our packs. The Luxe Recovery Pack is perfect for those recovering from Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Revision and Breast Reconstruction.

This is our most loved pack for all breast surgeries! Most commonly known as our Breast Recovery Pack!

In this Luxe Recovery Pack you will receive the following items:

4 x Breast Ice Packs with soft washable covers.

1 x V Shape Pillow

1 x V Shape Pillow Case

1 x Relax and Recover Travel Neck Pillow

1 x Vitamin E Cream

1 x Batiste Dry Shampoo

1 x Ocean Heathcare Body Wipes

6 x Movicol Laxative Sachets

1 x Body Blendz Australian Pink Clay Face and Chest Mask

1 x Hello Hair Hair Treatment

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