Postpartum Recovery Essentials Checklist – Relax and Recover

Postpartum Recovery Essentials Checklist

The Ultimate Postpartum Recovery Essentials Checklist: Relax and Recover with Confidence

Bringing a new life into the world is a miraculous and transformative experience, but it's essential for new mums to prioritise their well-being during the postpartum period. Postpartum recovery is a crucial phase that requires careful attention and self-care. To help new mothers navigate this time with comfort and confidence, we present the ultimate postpartum recovery pack by Relax and Recover. This comprehensive package is the number one postpartum recovery which has everything you're going to need. Let's go through a few of the essentials in the pack.

  1. Breast Ice Packs: Soothing Relief for Tender Breasts

One of the common challenges new mothers face is breast discomfort, especially in the early days of breastfeeding. Relax and Recover's Breast Ice Packs are designed to provide soothing relief to tender breasts. These ice packs offer a gentle cooling sensation, helping to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. The soft and adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit, making them an invaluable asset in your postpartum recovery toolkit. They also have a triple action so you can heat them up in the microwave. Heat is going to help with milk let down.

  1. Peri Bottle: Gentle Cleansing for Enhanced Comfort

Postpartum hygiene is of utmost importance, particularly after childbirth. The Relax and Recover Peri Bottle is a must-have for new mums, offering a convenient and gentle way to cleanse during the postpartum period. Designed for easy use, this ergonomic bottle provides a targeted stream of water to the perineal area, promoting cleanliness and comfort. It's an essential tool for maintaining good hygiene and minimising discomfort during the healing process.

  1. Instant Cooling Padiscles: Natural Relief for Perineal Discomfort

Perineal discomfort is a common concern for many new mothers postpartum. Relax and Recover's Instant Cooling Padiscles provide natural relief for this discomfort. Infused with soothing and cooling ingredients, these padiscles offer instant cooling upon application. The discreet and individually wrapped pads make them convenient to use and are ideal for soothing the perineal area after childbirth. The ingredients are gentle on sensitive skin, promoting a comfortable and refreshing recovery experience.

  1. The Ultimate Post Birth Recovery Pack: A Comprehensive Solution

For an all-encompassing postpartum recovery experience, Relax and Recover offers The Ultimate Post Birth Recovery Pack. This comprehensive pack includes all three essentials – Breast Ice Packs, Peri Bottle, and Instant Cooling Padiscles plus so much more – ensuring that new mothers have everything they need for a comfortable and confident recovery journey. The thoughtfully curated combination of these products addresses different aspects of postpartum recovery, making it a valuable investment for any new mum and also the perfect baby shower gift


The postpartum period is a time of immense change and adjustment. Prioritising self-care during this phase is crucial for a smooth recovery and an enjoyable bonding experience with your newborn. With Relax and Recover's Ultimate Post Birth Recovery Pack, new mothers can embark on their postpartum journey with confidence, knowing they have the essential tools to support their well-being. Invest in your comfort and recovery with these thoughtfully designed essentials – because every new mum deserves the best care possible.