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Product Description

Our Peri Bottle is the first on the market to have such a unique, stunning and ergonomic design. It has an improved spraying angle giving you a better clean in your perineal area after birth and post surgery. It is also the largest on the market having 380mL capacity. 

It is an easy to use, mess free, perineal bottle specifically designed to relieve the sting of urine and gently cleanse sensitive areas. We have designed this so it can also fit straight into your hospital bag, but also your handbag to use during your postpartum recovery journey.

This simple yet so effective process of cleaning yourself is perfect for even C-Section mum's too, as you don't have to bend or lean around. You will be left feeling clean, fresh and relieved as there will be no more stinging while on the toilet. 

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Daily Use For Any Recovery:

- Dilute urine while urinating to reduce stinging
- Clean down there after childbirth or during heavy periods
- Post operative cleaning
- Cleaning after Post Op of Labiaplasty 
- Clean haemorrhoids
- Portable bidet
- Clean c-section wounds

Tip: Combine with our Relax and Recover Long Ice Packs